Asekai documentation

ver. zensekai demo


Usually, running the demo has about three steps:

  1. Get the godot engine for your specific platform (64-bit standard edition)
    • make sure to put godot in a place that's in your path variable
    • alternatively, use this simple-godot-installer (download directly here) to completely set up godot more easily on windows
  2. Get a stable build from the Releases tab
    • because codeberg is silly, automatic releases come as .zip but manual releases can only be uploaded as .tar.gz and you will need PeaZip to open them on windows
  3. From within zensekai-demo/zensekai, run the demo
    • on linux, run ./zensekai
    • on windows, in cmd.exe or windows explorer, start .\zensekai.bat

however there may be issues that make it more complicated.


zensekai.bat doesn't run / path variable??

Windows is very, very picky about finding godot if you don't call it from the cmd.exe shell and first have it correctly in the path variable. try simple-godot-installer to set this up easily

if that doesn't work, or if you're on linux, check out CompilingDemo for instructions on how to add godot to your $PATH

something seems really broken, an executable won't even run

It's possible my build doesn't work on your OS and you need to compile from source.
if you want to do this, go through the full set of instructions in CompilingDemo


technically, the godot binary wasn't intended to be used this way and you're supposed to 'export your project' to pop out some kind of godot extract to distribute with it, but for now I'm busy with the actual demo code so I'll clean this up and do it "the proper way" at some later date. for now simply running the editor works


Things that are currently working in the zensekai demo:


grid management



The game can generate a "kai guide" (field guide with mechanics info) from kai strain data in the data directory.
You should be able to open a version appropriate to these docs at ../guide/guidetest.html.

Both playable forms and currently-unplayable/-unimplemented forms are in the guide currently, given the process of modelling/rigging/etc is rather slow. There will shortly be some kind of indicator on the entries of which strains/forms are unplayable.


Note that the guide was in the middle of a recode before arriving at the zensekai branch and has a number of unfinished macros in it - stuff that looks like .description-default ident=k_entity entrytype="strain". mark their place, but should eventually be fixed


Currently the data directory is a complete mess and it's not really recommended you try to make sense of any of it. however:



(64-bit, tested on devuan/debian)

note that most/all of these instructions should be done in a terminal window.

Installing dependencies

Getting the source code

Compiling & running


(64-bit, tested on windows 10)

installing dependencies

Getting the source code

compiling & running




Using ~/bin (Linux)

To use the ~/bin directory, make sure your /home/user/.profile contains a line like

if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then

assuming you're using bash or a similar shell.

Using the Program Files directory on windows

  1. Open the environment variables section in the control panel.
    • To go there quickly, press Win+R and open systempropertiesadvanced
  2. Under "User Variables", edit "Path" and "add new" to the list wherever you put the godot executable.
    • A good place is C:\Program Files\Godot
    • When finished the variable should read something like "[everything else];C:\Program Files\Godot"


Instructions for compiling the godot-06-30 "release" (unstable build)


export templates

building on x86_64 desktop

building on arm64 (aarch64)

no monsters bug

The demo is supposed to spawn a bunch of Entity monsters across the grid (white dinosaurs, using the "MapKai" class in the gdscript code). however, I use a helper program for this and it sometimes doesn't build/run right, resulting in just a cube on a green field with no monsters.

if bin/gridman is not present for the correct architecture (which it won't be in the godot-06-30 download, I didn't yet actually know how to cross-compile it to arm64) you will see the 'no monsters bug'. Don't worry about this, as it doesn't cause any other weird behaviour in the demo and the important thing right now is just getting a godot demo working on pinephone.